Sound Recorder Module 30 Seconds

৳ 300.00

Sound Recorder Module 30 Seconds



There are two ways to play:
1: Trigger Playback
2: Long Press loop play

There are two ways to connect recordings:
1: Long Press recording (hear “drip” sound) Release end recording (hear “drip” two)
2: Press the button (hear “drip” sound) Start recording Click again (Hear “drip” two) end recording

1. Size: 32*24MM
2. Can repeat recording, each recording will overwrite the previous recording
3.This chip has a voltage range of 3-4.5V

Note:This product does not carry battery.

Recording and playback operations: Press the record button, hear the “drip” ,, then speak to the microphone to start recording,Press the recording button again, and hear the “drip” sound release the recording button to indicate the completion of the recording;Then click on the Playback button to play the current recording sound,In the process of playback, and then click the Playback button, stop playing sound.

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