3W Audio Amplifier Module

৳ 45.00

3W Audio Amplifier Module



Support for wireless Bluetooth audio reception, audio conversion board, you can upgrade your products into wireless Bluetooth Bluetooth audio receiver, with only 3w*2 power amplifier, 3.7-5v voltage

2: Performance

Version: using BTLUE TOOTH 4.2 Ver specification, compatible with Bluetooth 3/2 and the following version

Support L2CAP/A2DP (AVCTP/AVDTP/AVCRP), used to receive stereo audio signals, through the agreement can control the audio transmitter at the top and bottom operation, support simple matching / automatic back to function, support MP3 format decoding,

Modules support power amplifier control

16bit DAC output high quality audio output, high signal-to-noise ratio

Support low-energy power mode, sniff mode, power saving mode

3: Bluetooth receiving distance of 10 meters -15 meters, the specific test environment

Bluetooth operation instructions

Open mobile phone Bluetooth settings; enter the mobile phone Bluetooth search, Bluetooth device name mobile phone display (Note: mobile phone brand: Android system, IOS system, Win system, Symbian system, open the MeeGo method system Bluetooth function is different, different, the whole process of pairing) pairing process takes about 30 seconds. The second time, do not enter the password, directly on the phone point corresponding to the speaker Bluetooth device name, such as “BIuetooth” can be connected successfully. (some mobile phone systems will prompt for passwords. Password: 0000).

When the connection is successful, in the mobile music player screen, click on the favorite music player, the sound box will play beautiful songs