Metal Detector USB DIY

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Metal Detector USB DIY

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Working voltage: 3~5V

PCB size: 92 x 60mm

Product weight: 17g


1Compared with the list of components and the number and specifications of identification components

2 Check the resistance of all resistors with a multimeter

3 Confirm the component polarity and the mounting direction on the board in advance.

About debugging:

The machine is powered by 3 to 5V DC power. Turn on the power and turn on the power switch. At this time, the buzzer will sound.

The LED is bright, slowly adjust the VR1 potentiometer, so that the buzzer just does not ring. To adjust the potentiometer to affect the detection distance, the detection distance of the machine is less than 6 cm, affected by the size of the detected object and the environment.

Tools required for assembly testing:

Electric iron, solder wire, universal meter, tweezers, diagonal pliers, charging treasure

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