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Pro Name: YX850 Power Failure, Automatic Switching, Standby Battery Lithium, Battery Module 5V-48V

It is an automatic switching module. When the battery is dead or there is a problem with the battery, it is powered by the power supply. When there is input power at the power adapter, the battery can be charged.

Product load: 10A
Product size: 61mm*29mm
Automatically identify the voltage
Automatically switch power
Battery discharge protection

When the DC terminal has input voltage,it is connected to the battery to charge the battery.
When the DC terminal has input voltage,it will supply power to the load.
When the DC terminal is not input voltage,the product will automatically switch to the load powered by a battery.
The product will lose power for 0.7 seconds when switching power supply equipment.
The DC, power and load voltages should be the same.