AC Delay Timer Module

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AC Delay Timer Module

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It is a timer delay switch module with high precision, stable and reliable performance.
Power on to connect, and will disconnect after delay time, delay time error is 2%.
There are many time range from 0~10 seconds to 0~10 hours for your choice, the time is adjustable.
If input 220VAC, output will be 220VAC, and the load capacity is up to 10A250VAC.
Widely used on timer operating equipment, household electrical appliances, lighting delay modification, factory equipment, time delay control, etc.


Time Delay: 0~10Seconds/0~10Minutes/0~100Minutes/0~10Hours(Optional)

Min. Time Adjustable Value: 1%(e.g. 1minute for 0~100minutes, 0.1hour/6minutes for 0~10hours)

Time Delay Error: 2%

Input Voltage: 100V~250VAC
Standby Power Consumption: 0.8W

Load Capacity: 10A 250VAC

Size: 58 x 43 x 20mm / 2.28 x 1.69 x 0.78″