775 DC Motor

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775 DC Motor

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Shaft Diameter: Approx. 5 mm

Shaft length: Approx. 17 mm

Body length: Approx. 66.7 mm

Front steps diameter: Approx. 17.4 mm

Former high level: Approx. 4.7 mm

Body diameter: Approx. 42 mm

Motor Overall Length: Approx. 98 mm

Diagonal installation pitch: Approx. 28.8 mm

Mounting hole size: M4

Mounting hole: 2

Cooling fan: Yes

Rated voltage: 24 V (Max. 36V)

Current Rating: 0.16 A

Rated Speed: 3500–9000 RPM

Different voltage parameters:

DC 12V, current 0.14A, speed 3500RPM

DC 18V, current 0.15A, speed 4500RPM

DC 24V, current 0.16A, speed 7000RPM

DC 30V, current 0.17A, speed 8100RPM

DC 36V, current 0.20A, speed 9000RPM


The front is ball bearing and back-end is copper

5 groups winding

At a voltage of 12V-24V , large torque, low noise

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