DC 12V UPS Module

৳ 170.00

DC 12V UPS Module



Support charging and discharging at the same time
Large current
Small size
High efficiency
Support short circuit protection

Product Name:UPS Voltage Converter Module
Working Voltage:DC 5.0V-12.0V
Output Voltage:12.0V
Output Power:12W
Support Battery(No include !):3.7V Lithium or polymer battery 15Ah(Max)
Working Temperature range:-40℃~85℃
Working Humidity range:0%-95%RH

Using Steps:
Connect right input voltage at input terminal.
Check output voltage by voltmeter and ammeter.
Connect battery at B+ and B-.


*Its max output current is 1A and can not keep output 1A.
*The positive and negative poles of the input power supply cannot be reversed Otherwise the module will be damaged.
*Users can install a common anode Red- Blue LED by yourself as charging indicators.Blue light indicates whether there is a load at output.Keep Red is charging.There is no battery if Red flashing.Red OFF if charged.
*Due to the large current, it is recommended to use a thicker wire.Wire cross-section greater than 1.5 square millimeters.
*Please read use manual and description before use.

Ordinary power supply;
Battery charger;
Mobile power;
Power conversion;
Infrared alarm;
Network equipment such as switches;

.Battery car modification