Booster Module

৳ 30.00

Booster Module




1. Input 2V-5V DC voltage arbitrarily, can stable output 5V DC voltage, the input with two AA batteries can output current of 1000mA, single lithium battery power supply can output current of 500mA, for mobile phone, camera, single chip microcomputer, digital power supply products.

2. high conversion efficiency, up to 90%, on average about 85%, 3.7V up to 5V/1A typical application efficiency reached 87%, below measurement chart for your reference

3. with indicator light


The input voltage: 2.0V-5.0V

No load output voltage: 5.1V +/-0.1V

Conversion efficiency up to 90%, average 85%

Note: if you need to recharge the for iphone 5, input voltage must be above 3.0V.

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